here is a video of the co-creator of the f-15 talking about why the f-35 (project cost: literally one trillion dollars) is a giant hilarious scam

In the latest setback for the Pentagon’s pricey F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, the U.S. military has grounded all of the fighter jets from flight operations after a fire that occurred at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida this week.

don’t forget he also performed in the choir for jesus walks

holy crap


send a color on anon

Scarlet - I like you.

Teal - I’d date you.

Red - I love you

Pink - I could stay on your tumblr the whole day.

Yellow - You’re amazing.

Purple - I miss you.

Blue - I want to meet you.

Lilac - You’re cool.

Brown - I don’t like you.

Green - I like your tumblr.

Black - I hate you

White - Delete your tumblr.

Lavender - give me your mortal soul/skype

So, that is the meaning of the colors?